Oil Spill Risk ?

Are you able to track the spill in the water ?

With Fastwave's Voyager global tracking buoys
you are prepared to accurately track a spill.


Being well prepared gives you peace of mind

We want you to be totally confident that you have done the best you possibly can to be ready to respond to a spill incident.

Our Voyager tracking buoys are globally capable, immediately ready and simple to deploy.

Satellite data feed can be integrated into your own system or accessed via our web portal.

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Why Voyager Buoy ?

Chosen by Authorities and

all the oil majors around Australia.

Now available world-wide.

Single person launch

Robust design – Ready to go at a moments notice.

Complete global coverage 24/7

More accurate drift than competitors

Low maintenance. Easy routine checking.

Long battery duration.

Safe to fly batteries

Its own transport and

storage case

Some of our customers and awards

With Voyager you can pre-study your local ocean current drift pattern.

A study of your local currents means you know what to expect in the event of an incident

Choose a Tabular data Display or
Export the data to your system

Voyager Data Management

The Voyager delivers data to Fastwave’s secure servers, where it is de-coded and accessible through an on-line data management portal, or data can be delivered directly to client GIS systems for further processing. The Fastwave management system enables clients to send commands to the Voyager to change reporting intervals or geo-fences to be set up.

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Oil Spill Risk ?

Are you fully compliant with the law ?

Get info on Fastwave's Voyager global tracking buoys
and get peace of mind knowing you are prepared